For over 30 years Al Shultz Advertising has specialized exclusively in BtoB technology marketing — and we've turned it into a science. It's about knowing how to sell technical products and services to the engineers and scientists who use them.

This is a unique brand of industrial-strength marketing that makes you stand out in your category. Not just to get attention, but to clarify what makes you special, one of a kind. The goal is to get you more credibility and respect in your industry — because that's what will get you more sales and market share!

Question: Are you Number One in all of your markets?

If you are, good for you! Your marketing's working and you should stick with whatever you're doing. But if you're trying to come from behind... Or if you're a me-too in a crowded market... Or if tough competitors are stealing your share... Then maybe you need a stronger, smarter brand of marketing. One that tells more clearly and powerfully what sets you apart from the other guys...

If that's the case, you've come to the right place. Whether your particular situation calls for better advertising or PR, brochures or email, a new logo, website, trade show graphics, or virtually any other type of marketing effort... Bottom line: We know how to create stronger marketing that works harder for B2B technology companies.

So, go ahead and explore this site. Check out our work and the way we think. And if your thinking resonates with ours, perhaps we should talk... My name is Al, and you can reach me just about anytime at (408) 289-9555.